We invite 40 same industry experts to visit our YongKang Exhibition

publisher: Fiona
Time: 2013-06-27

On May, We take part in the YongKang Expo. which is the influential chinese door industry Exposition. Almost every door industry company in china will join in the grand meeting.

Before we set out to YongKang , we invite about 40 people from the same industry to visit our company,which is a big thing for us. They are all amazing about the change of us for we grow up so quickly.

After that , we bring them to travel YongKang where we cooperate with Reliance ( a famouse garage door exporting comany) to build a excellent booth.

We bring the four new designed sectinal garage door motors to the booth. what is more interesting is that our motors is connected  by a small machine on which we press our finger to control the garage door motors.

What a fantastic deal for us on May!

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