Residential garage door opener (PAX-II)
Residential garage door opener (PAX-II)
Residential garage door opener (PAX-II)
Residential garage door opener (PAX-II)
Residential garage door opener (PAX-II)
Residential garage door opener (PAX-II)
PAX-II ( 600N/ 800N /1000N/1200N )

Item specifics

Max door area
Operation time
More than 80000 times



High speed garage door opener

Model : Bearsafe (PAX-II)


AC220V±10% ; 50Hz~60Hz

Motor volt






Remote distance


Remote frequency


Max door area


Temperature  range

-40℃ ~ +70 ℃

Rail length

3.0m,3.3m,3.6m,3.9m,less than 5.8meter

Running speed


Auto lighting

Turn off after 3 minutes

Quantity of transmitter

2 /unit

Auto-closing time

3 minutes(optional)

Opener noise


Operation time

More than 80000 times


1. PTC Fuse inside the transformer, to protect the overload of the transformer.

2. O/S/C button on the display board. Make adjustment, maintenance and emergent opening or closing easier.

3. Copper worm gear inside the motor. With higher impact-resistance strength.

4. Multiple highlight LED, makes the lighting effect even better.

5. Multifunctional external terminal, can connect to various external device, like: photo beam(optional), wall switch(optional), and so on.

6. LED displayer, easy to adjust.

7. Use rolling code transmitter, with billions of codes, won’t be coincident code or pirated code.

8. Soft start, soft stop. Minimize start-up load on garage door opener and garage door. With strong power and low noise.

9. During operation, the opener makes real-time detection of resistance to ensure precise positioning.

10. With Auto-close function, the time is adjustable.

11. Self locking function. When power off, can lock the door by hand after disengaging the clutch.

12. With strong lifting force.

13. Safety reverse function. The door will reverse to full open when it is overload during closing. The safety reverse force is adjustable. Can use photo beam(optional) to make safety protection.

14. Backup battery interface available in case of power failure or low voltage.

15. Original opening & closing force self-learning.

16. Low-voltage protection. The process will not perform any action of opening and closing when voltage is too low. The door panel and controller won’t be damaged.

17. Metal chassis.

18. Opener rail type: steel rail with chain, steel rail with belt, steel sectional rail with chain, steel sectional rail with belt, aluminum rail, aluminum sectional rail.